Clara Longhi
Your bridge to China

About me

“Go local, get local."

Hey there! I’m a linguist and sinologist based in beautiful Italy. My focus is all about effective communication, helping businesses, bridging cultural gaps, and fostering great collaborations.

When I’m not immersed in the world of languages, you’ll find me working in academics and enjoying film festivals. In my past life, I gained valuable experience in the energy sector, both in Switzerland and China, working with both private companies and NGOs.

My expertise lies in interpretation and translation, particularly with Chinese and English. I polished my skills at Nottingham University of Ningbo China and the Faculty of Interpreters and Translators in Forlì (University of Bologna), where I also added English and French to my toolkit.

Working languages:​

Why choose me

My philosophy can be summed up in two points: “go local, get local” and 熟能生巧.

Go local, get local” is my approach to every new project, challenge, physical or cultural environment I find myself in: the effort to understand and embrace local living, observing to connect with my surroundings.

The Chinese expression shúnéng shēngqiǎo熟能生巧 translates to “practice makes perfect” in English or “repetita iuvant” in Latin. This is my second essential point for every project. Just like an athlete, the act of repetition is the best preparation to achieve the desired results.



Solo una volta al mese. Notizie di cinema, viaggi, e tutto quello che è il mondo Cina.