Clara Longhi
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“Go local, get local."


To assist you in communicating seamlessly


Quality, precision, and synergy to ensure a service that matches your needs


At the service of those who want to discover China alongside an enthusiastic sinologist


To assist you in communicating seamlessly



I have experience in consecutive interpretation in various contexts:

  • Political speeches
  • Corporate training courses
  • Film festivals, literature
  • Interviews



Whispered interpretation is more commonly used to accompany 1-2 people in contexts such as festivals, allowing them to follow the discussion and intervene when necessary.

  • Court
  • Literature festival
  • Film festival



Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) for remote simultaneous translation, I am equipped to provide the service in the most convenient and secure way possible, with fast internet connection and audio and microphone setups meeting the ISO standards required for simultaneous interpretation.

  • Medical field
  • Corporate training (safety, motivational)
  • Interviews (film authors)


Quality, precision and synergy to receive a service that reflects your needs.

For every translation you need, please specify:

  • The length of the text (a folder is considered to be 1,500 characters, including spaces for European languages. Chinese text, on the other hand, is much denser compared to Italian, so approximately 350-400 Chinese characters, spaces included, equal one folder in Italian.)
  • The timelines.
  • The language of the document – technical or characterized by highly specific terminology.
  • Layout – consider that documents with many images or complex formatting will require more time and attention.
  • The format in which the document is sent.


If you prefer, I can send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to sign before you send me the materials for review.


Legal translation

Legal Translation I am regularly registered in the list of experts and Court-appointed Technical Consultants (CTU) of the Forlì Court, and as a technical expert with the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna. This enables me to provide you with the assurance of properly notarized translations.

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Contracts
  • Judgments
  • Identification documents and driver's licenses


Editorial Translation

Every text should adapt to its reader, the style of the author, or the company. From comics to museum cataloguess and corporate newsletters, over the years, I have provided various types of editorial translation services.

  • Comics
  • Museum catalogues
  • Screenplays and movie pitches
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Product brochures and cataloguess

Tour leader

I have a deep love for travel, and it’s even better when shared! In my role as a Tour Leader, I’ve had the privilege of guiding individual tourists, artists, and photographers on European adventures and Italian groups exploring China.


Travel to China

What could be a better advantage for your journey to China than having a sinologist as your companion? As the Chinese say, 一举两得, which means "to kill two birds with one stone." Serving as a tour leader for a trip to China is a true passion for me. Introducing the local culture and facilitating interactions between visitors and the locals is one of the aspects I cherish the most.

Incoming Travels

The "Journey to the West" is often a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many Chinese travelers. Chinese tourists are evolving, seeking not just whirlwind tours but an experience that truly embraces and lives our Italian lifestyle. Rely on a tour-guide who can bridge cultures. To provide this service at the highest standards, I have obtained the Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host certification.


Solo una volta al mese. Notizie di cinema, viaggi, e tutto quello che è il mondo Cina.